By Chance Band caters to the Baby Boomer’s generation. We specialize in songs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and also perform songs ranging from the 80’s to some of the current hits. We are a high energy band with lead vocalists that gets you on the dance floor and makes you reminisce about the good old times. By Chance knows how to please the crowd and has the talent and experience to put on a high energy dynamic show.

Nancy – Vocals

 I have been singing since I was a little girl on my swingset. Loved listening to my older sister's records of 50's and 60's, then just developed love of music, including oldies, light rock, some pop, worship, and a lot of Country Girl here! Just really enjoy singing - it takes you to another place, makes you feel great, and can speak to you like nothing else.

Lynda - Vocals - Percussion

Lynn is our new addition to By Chance Band, her vocals, percussion and personality bring in a new dimension to our music.

Phil – Guitar/Vocals

I love to sing, play the guitar and rock to the oldies. I mainly finger pick whether it is an acoustic or electric guitar. I have been in several bands, trios, duets and have performed many solo shows. I am very much into computers and musical equipment. One of my favorite guitar players is Chet Atkins, he played any style of music while making it look easy.                                                                                                                                     You may also know me as Dr. Phil from my Karaoke shows.

Rodger – Guitar/ Vocals

I have been playing solo acoustic for the last several years. By Chance gives me the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians and play the songs I grew up listening to. Its a lot fun revisiting these rock and roll classics and throwing in a couple contemporary songs for good measure.